Why Mike Trout is my #1 Player in Head-to-Head Fantasy Baseball

Ah, do you smell that?  Fantasy baseball is right around the corner, ladies and gentlemen. This means that it’s time for mock draft season, and it’s time for the annual debate in Fantasy Baseball of who is the #1 player. Fantasy players everywhere are probably tempted to get cute and do something different, just because Mike Trout has been the perceived #1 player in fantasy for so long. However, just because it is not the flashiest pick doesn’t mean that it is not the correct pick. Think about it, why would you consider taking Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt, Clayton Kershaw, and all of their lower ceilings and lower floors ahead of Mike Trout. If everyone hits their projections, the BEST case for most players is that they will equal Mike Trout’s production.

But, you argue, what about Jose Altuve? After all, this guy is probably going to be the batting champ in the AL and among the league leaders in steals. Well, that is up to you. If you decide you want to draft Altuve, he is the one guy that I really couldn’t argue with instead of Trout. However, for me, I would just to prefer to take Trout’s power advantage and hope that maybe Trout can stay in the realm of Altuve in both steals and average. After all, Altuve’s steals have been going down anyways, and even the greatest for average hitters can have a slightly down year. Finally, for me, I just consider a great outfielder to be a little more valuable than a great second baseman. Even though the outfield pool is deeper, needing to have 3 or potentially 5 outfielders makes outfield a slightly scarcer position for me compared to 2nd base. Like I said, I can’t argue with Altuve over Trout if you prefer Altuve. However, for MIke Trout compared to every non-Altuve player, I cannot make the argument for any other player in head-to-head format. Just because it is the normal, boring pick does not make it the wrong pick. Don’t get fooled and reach for another player just because you think Mike Trout is too obvious, as I can tell you right now you’ll regret it by the time the playoffs come around.

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Take my advice or don’t take it, but at least be open to new ideas,

The Fantasy Sports Guru