Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes for Draft (February 28th, 2018)

Today is a big day for fantasy basketball, with 9 games on the ledger for today. However, rather than focusing on the big stars like Westbrook, Harden, and Davis, I am choosing to focus on the sleeper picks and more of a Dream Team focus. Without further ado, here are my picks for today.

For guards:  I am going with Steph Curry and Bradley Beal today.  I know that these are not the most original picks, but I think that for the guards I have to go with two of the bigger stars. I think that the Golden State vs Washington game is going to be a high scoring, relatively close game. With an over-under of 227, I think it has shootout potential and I want to be involved with the two high scoring guards for this game.

For forwards:  I am going with Otto Porter Jr. and Tobias Harris. Even though both of them are coming off back-to-backs, I think both of them have high upside for tonight. With Golden State being a relatively turnover prone team, I think that Porter Jr. can put up some big steals numbers and this will help to inflate his stats on Draft tonight. Additionally, I think Tobias Harris bounces back in a big way against the Rockets, and I think that the Clippers need him to score in order to keep the game within striking distance.


For center: I am going with Myles Turner, and I think that his last game against the Hawks is a sign of things to come in the future. I think that he takes advantage of a bad Hawks defense and keeps the Pacers ahead in this relatively high scoring game. I think that Oladipo and Turner have big nights tonight, and I think that Turner’s value is being projected somewhat low by Draft tonight. I think that he has higher upside than Howard, Capela, and Adams, but probably a slightly lower floor as well. However, you have to take risks that other people aren’t willing to take in order to win.


What do you think of my advice for tonight?  Comment and let me know below.


The Fantasy Sports Guru