G.O.A.T Fantasy Sports App (Picks for February 28th, 2018)

Question 1:  This Stephen Curry question is just so tough, and I could really see it going any way depending on the game flow. However, for me, the pick is the 3 pt attempts. I could see him chucking up a lot of 3 point attempts today, so I’m going to say the highest number for him today is 3 point attempts. Also, on the season he’s averaged 10.1 3 point attempts per game, 8.5 field goals made, 5.8 free throw attempts, and 8.1 assists+steals per game. So for this one, I would be safe and just go by his averages for the season.


Question 2:  For this question, I have to take the chalk and take Clemson at home. Even though a majority of people are going to take Clemson, they’re at home tonight and just the better team. Don’t get cute here, just take Clemson.


Question 3:  The Blues are pretty heavy favorites and playing at home tonight, once again, don’t overthink this trying to be clever and go against the crowd. I would lean chalk again and take the Blues tonight.


Question 4: I think that you can go a variety of ways on this question, and I think if you want to get clever and try to get some big points compared to the competition you could go with Lou Williams. Still, Harden has such a high scoring average that he still feels like the safe pick. If you want to be safe and probably win, go Harden. But if you feel like taking a risk on this question and going big, go Williams. Paul and Harris feel like sucker bets otherwise.

Question 5:  Villanova wins by more than 6 tonight, I just can’t see them letting Seton Hall hang around for that long tonight. I think Villanova pulls away late and wins by double digits.


Question 6:  Andre Drummond is such a beast on the boards that I think he could approach 40 combined points+rebounds. Giannis is the safe pick just because his points could be so high, but if you’re feeling risky tonight again, go with Drummond. Everyone will go with Giannis so you could win big if Drummond comes through tonight. Wouldn’t recommend Blake or anyone else for tonight though.