Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes for Play Draft (March 1st, 2018)

Today I’m going to do things a little different. I actually did a draft today as well as dream team, and I think that I should tell how that draft went.

So I had the first pick in a 6 person draft, so I had a choice between Lebron and everyone else. I felt like the forward position was pretty shallow compared to others today, and Lebron stood out head and shoulders above everyone else.

For my second pick, I had to wait a while before I could pick again. A lot of the mid tier players went off right in front of me, and I was left with one obvious mid tier player, C.J Mccollum. I don’t think that he’s the best guard option today, but he’s a good pick in what should be a high scoring game against the Timberwolves.

For my third pick, I had to debate whether I wanted to take Brandon Ingram or Josh Richardson. Even though Ingram has been on a tear recently, Richardson has been racking up steals at an unreal rate. The Lakers play at a fast pace and turn the ball over a lot, so I think Richardson could keep up this streak today. Therefore, I went with Richardson even though Ingram’s recent performance has been awesome.

For my fourth pick, I was stuck between the bottom guard options. I wanted Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to follow me, but he went the pick right before me. Ultimately, I had a mini debate between De’aaron Fox and George Hill. Ever since Hill was traded to the Cavs, Fox has been getting a lot of playing time and has a chance to put up some big numbers against a poor Nets offense. In this situation, Fox was my pick.

For my fifth pick, I had to find a center. All other 5 teams had taken a center already, so I was left with only one legitimate starting center option. Therefore, I ultimately didn’t have a choice and took Jarrett Allen.


Dream Team Line Up:

Guard: Jeff Teague and Goran Dragic. Could also consider D’angelo Russell and Kentavious Caldwell Pope at this position.

Forward: Andrew Wiggins and Josh Richardson. Could also consider Brandon Ingram here, depends on personal preference.

Center: Hassan Whiteside. Could also consider Jusuf Nurkik if you want to go against the grain.

Not the flashiest or most unique dream team lineup but options were limited for today.