Why Russell Westbrook Sucks

Well, that title got your heart racing a bit didn’t it. After all, am I calling out Russell Westbrook as a terrible basketball player? Well, no, let me clarify myself a little bit. Russell Westbrook does not suck, but I do think that he’s being overvalued in fantasy tonight. At least on Draft, Russell Westbrook is being projected for more points than Lebron. However, Lebron has a tremendous matchup coming off a day of rest against the Denver Nuggets. That game has close shootout written all over it, and I think that Lebron is going to go OFF tonight. Meanwhile, Westbrook has a favorable matchup against the Blazers as well, but it’s on the road and coming on the 2nd night of a back-to-back. So while Westbrook doesn’t suck, he is being overvalued today. Here is who I drafted in a 3 person draft today: 1st pick was Lebron, as I just explained. My 2nd pick was Nikola Jokic, and I took him over Andre Drummond. Like I explained before, I think the Nuggets-Cavs game is going to be a shootout. My 3rd pick was Julius Randle, and I took him over Chris Paul. I think the guards are deeper today, and I thought I should lock up two of the top forwards on the slate for today. I still ended up with my 4th and 5th picks being Kyrie and Dejounte Murray, and those are two guards that I’m really high on tonight. I think that Kyrie is just as good of an option as Chris Paul tonight, so I was happy taking Kyrie two rounds later. Murray could be in for a big night tonight with Aldridge and Leonard still out, and a high-scoring game against the Lakers tonight.


Dream Team:

Kyrie and Murray, like I explained above.

Millsap and Kyle Anderson, the forward position is really weak today so you have to go by gut feel. Also considered Kuzma and Jaylen Brown, two guys with high upside for tonight.

Gobert, I think he’s in for a big night tonight against the Kings.


As always, comment below if you agree with my picks,

The Fantasy Sports Guru