Beat the Streak

Hi All,

I’m not sure how many people actually play MLB’s Beat the Streak. However, the concept is quite easy; basically, you have to pick any baseball player who you think is going to get a hit on a certain day. If you can get a streak of 57 consecutive hits, the winner wins $5.6 million. So far, many people have come close. However, no one has actually been able to get to the mark, so the prize is still out there. I am not advertising for the MLB; instead, this is just a fun game that I like to play since it only takes a few minutes and has a big prize. Starting tomorrow, I will be giving my personal advice and opinions about how I think the best choices for that given day our. Take my advice or don’t; I can’t say I will guarantee you a win or else I would have won the game already myself. However, I try to use stats and my baseball knowledge to make reasonably informed picks. I will try my best everyday, but I can’t make any promises about winning. Good luck and go out and get the game so you can play along with me if you don’t already play on a daily basis! Have fun and check back tomorrow!


The Fantasy Sports Guru