Sports News (Tiger vs Phil, The Match)

So for sports news today, who out there is going to watch Tiger vs Phil, The Match?  I have read several sports articles on the Match, with a majority of these articles saying that this is some sort of a gimmick that is coming 15 years too late.  Well, to those people I have just one thing to say, “would you rather have something to late or would you rather not have it at all?”  I’m sure a ton of people nowadays would still pay money to have the opportunity to see Lebron play Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one. Compared to this game, with Michael Jordan well into retirement, Tiger vs Phil should be a treat. After all, they are both playing well enough to still be selected to the Ryder Cup team and be in contention for majors. Furthermore, how often in golf do you get to see two players playing head-to-head, with no other players on the golf course?  This is what people dream about when they’re hoping to see a final round duel between two players. I cannot say myself that I am definitely going to watch the Match; however, I think that is an interesting concept and one I could see having success in the future. I really like the gambling aspect of the match, and with sports betting now legal in the US I think that there are plenty of huge ramifications from this event. This is just the start of a much bigger revolution in sports betting. Plus, I’m sure that someone will be streaming it near me and I can just watch on their screen. After all, it’s not every day that you can see the two most entertaining players in a sport dueling it out head-to-head with no one else out there.