Sports News (Breaking Down the 2019 NFL Draft Class)

The NFL draft is still months away, but today’s sports news is about a projection of the potential draft class and how it is shaping up to be. As you have probably heard a million times already, this class is deep on defensive lineman and defensive players, but short on quarterbacks and offensive skill position players. The best QB in the class, Justin Herbert, may not even decide to come out this year. Still, there are plenty of defensive players that make this draft enticing for any team. There may not be a ton of trades at the top because teams don’t tend to move up to draft a defensive player; however, there are some talents in this draft that we will be talking about for a long time. For today’s sports spotlight, we will be talking about potential #1 picks Nick Bosa and Ed Oliver.

Nick Bosa is one of the most complete players in this draft; the only concern possible for him is that he may not be able to withstand the rigors of the NFL. Considering he’s had some injury troubles throughout his career and is currently out for the season with an injury, he may just be an injury prone player throughout his career. Still, this is pretty much the only concern that you can have with him. He has elite stats and elite film, and is easily the safest prospect in this class, not withstanding injuries. He is one of those players that should not have to listen to the 3-year draft requirement rule, as he was ready for the NFL at the end of last year.

Ed Oliver is most likely going to be Nick Bosa’s strongest competition for the #1 pick in the draft. Oliver is a more physically gifted prospect than Bosa in my opinion. There is really no major concerns about him as a prospect, and he is a plug and play type of player in the NFL. Think Jason Pierre-Paul before his hand injury. Oliver is an elite talent, and the only question about him may be his lack of competition at Houston. However, this is unlikely to concern NFL scouts considering that he has played important roles in big games before, such as his game 2 years ago against Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma. After all, this guy is so confident about his talent that he declared for the draft BEFORE this season started.

There you have it for this week’s NFL draft preview; comment below for any players you would like analysis for in this particular draft.