Sports News (Will Alexander Zverev finally break through in 2019?)

For today’s sports news, we are going to look at Alexander Zverev and whether his triumph at the ATP World Tour Finals is a sign of big things in 2019. Is Zverev finally going to break through for the young generation and win his first major? At this point, it is more of a when than if for Zverev and whether he will win a major. He is the brightest star in the upcoming generation of tennis players. He seemingly has everything; the height, a big forehand, solid backhand, precise volleys, great returns, and good court movement. When he puts it all together in matches, he can beat anyone, as evidenced by his wins over Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. However, he has yet to prove that he can do it in a best of five sets situation at a major. In fact, he has yet to even reach the semi-finals of any majors in his career. Still, he is only 21 years old, and he seems to get better every match. I think that Zverev will do it in 2019, and win his first of many majors. Here are my predictions for Alex Zverev at the 2019 majors.

Australian Open: Semi-finals, loses to Novak Djokovic. I think that Zverev will lose a close 5-setter to Djokovic, in what will be a sign of bigger things to come in the future. However, at least for now he won’t quite breakthrough.

French Open: Semi-finals, loses to Rafael Nadal. I do not think that Zverev has enough weapons yet on clay to defeat Nadal or Djokovic; however, he makes significant progress in the French before falling in 4 sets to Rafa.

Wimbledon: 4th round, loses to Nick Kyrgios. I think that Wimbledon is going to be a challenge for Zverev, and Kyrgios upsets him in the 4th round. While this may seem like a disappointment, it is still a significant improvement in majors compared to last year.

US Open: Finals, wins against Novak Djokovic. I think this is where Zverev will finally break through and win his first major; he will continue a late-season surge and pull out an epic 5 setter against Novak, in what will seem to be a changing of the guard.

There you have it, comment below on whether you disagree or agree with these predictions. Also, do you think Zverev will win his first major this upcoming year