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I knew Aaron Harang couldn’t be that good for too long. Who knew he would implode against the Marlins. The rest of our team did good and would have cashed more than just H2H had our pitching not pooped his pants. Let’s hope today’s suggestions do what they are supposed to do.


P-Ervin Santana $9,000- Well, I took Harang yesterday and he let me down. I’m hesitant to take Santana just because he’s another Braves pitcher going against the Marlins, but Santana is a whole let better than Harang. Santana is the most expensive pitcher today but at $9,000 that’s still alright.

P- Hiroki Kuroda $7,100- I don’t see many people taking Kuroda tonight after Sabathia was shelled against these Mariners. His 5.28 ERA might scare some people, but the Mariners are batting only .215 against Kuroda lifetime with only 2 Hrs and 1 of those is from Jesus Montero who isn’t even on the active roster. He’s a cheaper option, but always check the weather to make sure.

Other Notable Pitchers: Mark Buehrle- $7,400

1B- Freddie Freeman $4,200- Freeman has been on a roll lately and he’s priced like the stud he is. He hasn’t faced Henderson Alvarez much, but he’s 5 for 9 with 3 doubles and a HR. At those numbers, you almost HAVE to use him tonight.

3B- David Wright $3,500- Captain America hasn’t exactly been his self so far this year but his price has come down because of that and tonight he has a plus-matchup against Juan Nicasio in Colorado. While it’s not much, Wright is 2 for 3 with both his hits being the long ball.

Other Notable Third Basemen: Todd Frazier- $3,200,  Nolan Arenado- $3,400

OF Jason Kubel $2,900- He’s cheap but has a decent matchup with Dan Haren. Against Haren, Kubel is 6 for 18 with a pair of doubles, 1 HR, and 5 RBIs with no strikeouts. He’s so cheap with a plus-matchup and rounds out our great team.

Other Notable Outfielders: Matt Kemp- $3,800, Yasiel Puig- $3,900, Brett Gardner- $3,300, Jason Heyward- $3,100

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