It’s that time of year again. Walk-offs, blow-outs, and thousands of dollars on the line. Hopefully you have been following our advice and cashing big time.

Last night we cashed in all of our H2H, 50/50, 3-Man Tournaments, but not the GPP tourneys. Combined we won over $1,000 last night and tonight’s action is even hotter.

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Let’s get on with the recap from last night.



As you can see, everyone in our lineup hit positive except Brad Miller. We ended up with 36.5 FP with this lineup and won our H2H, 50/50, and the 3-Man Tourney.

Let’s get on with the later lineup we used.


As you can see, our late-night lineup did a little better than our first one even though 2 people got 0 FP. This lineup won our Double Up but lost in the $10 DFBC Qualifier and 100 person league. Hopefully you guys were able to get into the action last night, but if not, today is a great day to start.



P- Ervin Santana $6,500- How is this guy still this low-priced? He’s been nothing but dominant this year and he faces the Mets again who he just dominated last Wednesday by pitching 8 strong innings of 3-hit ball with 6 Ks and 18 FP. He’s only allowed 1 run in 14 innings this year and I think this domination happens again tonight.

P- Tony Cingrani $7,800- He hasn’t had as much success as Ervin Santana, but he’s $1,300 more. Cingrani is sporting a 2.60 ERA. In 3 starts this season, Cingrani pitched 7 strong innings against the Cardinals but 5 days later he faced the same team and only lasted 4 innings. He followed that up with 6.1 strong innings against TB where he received his first win and 14.33 FP. He faces the Cubs this afternoon and I could see 10 Ks from him today.

C- Josmil Pinto $3,200- With Mauer being exclusively a first basemen now, it has opened the door for Pinto. He has taken full advantage this year and he draws a matchup against the Royal’s Bruce Chen who he hit a HR against last week and had 8.5 FP in that game. He’s a lower-priced player who will allow us those bigger bats.

SS- Jimmy Rollins $3,200- Rollins and manager Ryne Sandberg didn’t seem to get along during spring training and it seems to have woken up the beast in Rollins so far this year. Rollins gets to face Lyles in Coors Field and I could see the thin air come into effect and Rollins having a great game tonight.

OF- Melky Cabrera $3,400- Cabrera seems to be back to his old self from his mvp-type year a couple years ago. He has seemed to cool off a bit from his fast start, but being a switch-hitter, he is almost matchup proof. He’s facing the Indians starting pitcher Kluber who has been struggling and Cabrera is coming off a game last night where he went 4 for 5 and 4.75 FP.

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