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As we work on our Premium Plays Algorithm, I'll be suggesting players to use each day. The thing about baseball though, it's very unpredictable unlike the NBA coverage we have been using. With baseball, any pitcher could have a perfect game or a dud, whereas with NBA, you know what to expect from that player on any given night. So be aware of this and use these articles to help you choose that team. Sometimes, your gut feeling is the way to go, and sometimes our statistics will be spot on and you will be raking the money.

P- Jose Fernandez $9,200- If you can afford him, Fernandez is facing the Padres. This team is worse than the Rockies that Fernandez dominated Opening Day. Also, at home, Fernandez is 10-0 at Marlins Park and Fernandez could be in line for at least 20 FP.

P- Michael Pineda $5,200- Pineda had a terrific spring. He is finally the pitcher that the Yankees traded for. He gets to face the Jays, who are a great hitting team, but the Jays are throwing R.A. Dickey who struggled last season at 14-13 record. If the Yankees jump on him early, Pineda could be in line for a great game.

C- Victor Martinez $3,300- Martinez is already off to a great start this season. He’s facing Bud Norris of the Orioles and with the wind blowing out, Martinez could have a huge day.

C- Jose Lobaton $2,400- I don’t want to spend big at catcher today because you just never know with baseball, but Lobaton has reached base safely in all games since taking over catching duty. He’s facing Teheran who can be great at times, but also can struggle. He struggled his first outing and is sporting a 3.00 ERA. I say you punt this position to afford a great pitcher.

1B- Freddie Freeman $4,300- Freeman reminds me of a young Mark Teixiera in his prime. He’s got the bat and the defense. He’s facing Stephen Strasburg who’s sporting a 6.00 ERA and just hasn’t been his dominant rookie self. Freeman is almost match-up proof.

2B- Daniel Murphy $3,000- With the whole paternity fiasco behind him, Murphy comes in at a cheap 2B option. He’s reached base safely in both of his games this season and I look for him to continue that trend today.

2B- Brian Dozier $2,900- He’s had split stats his first 4 games. He’s had 9.7 FP his past two games and today with the wind blowing out of Progressive Field, Dozier could be in line for a great game.

OF- Lucas Duda $2,200- Duda had an amazing game last night against the Reds. He had 2 HRs, 4 RBIs and 14.75 FP. Another cheap option to help you afford Fernandez at pitcher.