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As we work on our Premium Plays Algorithm, I'll be suggesting players to use each day. The thing about baseball though, it's very unpredictable unlike the NBA coverage we have been using. With baseball, any pitcher could have a perfect game or a dud, whereas with NBA, you know what to expect from that player on any given night. So be aware of this and use these articles to help you choose that team. Sometimes, your gut feeling is the way to go, and sometimes our statistics will be spot on and you will be raking the money.

Yesterday we took home 1st in a few H2H with that lineup and hopefully we can continue that today. Good luck on today's MLB action and bring home the bacon.

P- Masahiro Tanaka $7,400- I'm on this Tanaka train. He gets to face a Blue Jays team that is already hurting with their star SS on the DL. His final spring outing showed Tanaka going 6 innings, 3 hits and 10 strikeouts against a Marlins team that you could easily compare to the Jays. that outing would have given him 20 FP which is great. I'm looking for similar success tonight.

P- Hyun-Jin Ryu $7,900- Will he have a Sophomore slump so to speak after a terrific 2013 season? He had a productive spring and I could see another big season for Ryu. We will be paying a little more, but he's more proven in the majors than Tanaka.

C- Russell Martin $2,800- You won't break the bank with this guy's price and he has shown some power against Shelby Miller. Martin is 3 for 7 with 2 HRs and the weather in Pittsburgh is predicting winds blowing out and this might be too juicy to pass up.

C- Brian McCann $3,600- The Yankees chose to rest him yesterday which bodes well for this elite catcher. He's facing the Jay's Dustin McGowan who has an overall MLB record of 20-24 with a 4.65 ERA. I'm looking for McCann's first Yankees HR.

1B- Jose Abreu $3,100- There's obviously no history with Abreu but this kid has already shown his power. He's coming off a game against the Twins where he had 10.5 FP. I like this kid and could see a big year from him.

1B- Adam Dunn $2,700- Dunn is coming off a series against the Twins where he had 2 HRs and 13.5 FP. Another plus is Dunn has a lifetime AVG of .371 against Jeremy Guthrie and comes in at a very low salary.

2B- Neil Walker $3,100- Walker has shown last year that he has Shelby Miller's number. Walker is 5 for 9 with 3 extra base hits. Also, the weather is blowing out will be another plus for him.