I wanted to do this article a little bit differently. I’m posting my exact FanDuel lineup today and will break down the reason I did each pick. Let’s get started and good luck bringing home the bacon.

Justin Verlander- He’s been looking like his old self as of late, and he gets a juicy match-up against the Padres in a very pitcher friendly park. I’m looking for upwards of 20 FP which includes 4 points for a win.

Yadier Molina- He’s one of the most consistent catchers, besides Posey, and he also gets a match-up at home vs. the Cubs. He seems to love the spotlight when facing the Cubs and he is a consistent positive fantasy points output person and I’m looking for a HR from him this afternoon.

Eric Hosmer- This guy is off to a great start and has had most success against RHP. He’s facing RHP Nolasco who is starting the season struggling, and this just seemed to be a reasonable price per matchup to use.

Matt Carpenter- This guy is a constant positive fantasy points player. He has a huge upside and he is another one who hits RHP great. Facing Villanueva, I can see this guy on base all afternoon.

Conner Gillaspie- You’ve got to love a guy who is near minimum salary, and you have a to love his positive OPS against Masterson who has had success in the past.

Zack Cozart- This is a simple punt play at SS that won’t cost us much and can help us afford those big outfield bats.

Norichika Aoki- He’s only faced Nolasco 6 times but he’s batting .500 and like I said above, Nolasco is struggling to start the year.

Jacoby Ellsbury- This guy has been the most consistent player for the Yankees so far this season, and he gets to face Lackey who gives up hits to lefties. If Ellsbury gets on, he could get a couple steals for us as well and those are 2 FP each on FanDuel.

Carlos Beltran- Same reason I chose Ellsbury, because he’s facing an aging Lackey who has seen his velocity go down as of late. If he can connect against Lackey he could hit that short RF porch a couple times today.

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