Our MONEY ALGORITHM has been on a roll in March and we are continuing that tonight

These articles I'll be doing are only samples of players to use from our algorithm, if you want full lineups that almost always cash you money, feel free to email me the details at fantasysportsguru22@gmail.com. In the email, please let me know if you found this on this blog and what your username is on here. Please also follow me on here as well!

I'll be starting up baseball articles (best sport ever) now that the season is back so be on the lookout for those! But I'd like to end with a free preview of our Premium Plays that you can subscribe for and they will also be available for MLB very soon.

Chris Paul- he's coming off two great games and it appears that Blake Griffin is out again tonight (doubtful as of now) and CP3 usually dominates because of that. I'm looking for CP3 to get at least 50FP if Griffin is out.

Kemba Walker- Our money algorithm spit out Walker as the best + Value out of the PG position tonight. It's also a plus that he gets to face the 76ers who are still awful. Good luck 76ers, Walker will walk all of them. See what I did there?

Josh McRoberts- He is a decent price, and he is a solid mid-price option who goes out and gets us the value almost on a nightly basis. He gets the 76ers, so if in fact this is a blow out, McRoberts will be even better option.

Al Jefferson- He's got a huge value at +1202 value and his price is $9,600. He's been on fire lately and yes he is facing the 76ers. We have a great CHA stack and that's rare to have. I think this could be a great game and everyone will factor in.

As always though, make sure to check back before tip-off to make sure all of these guys will be in the game. This is of course just a suggested lineup and to help you guys see what sort of team we can make up. Use some of these, if not all to build yourself that winning lineup. This is the lineup I'm throwing out there tonight though. Good luck and lets bring home the bacon.